Peer-to-peer derivatives on Bitcoin

Start trading CFDs on Bitcoin - trustless and peer-to-peer! No counterparty risk, no deposits, no accounts.

Feature 01

Download the client

The desktop client bundles a daemon and web-ui for your convenience. Android and iOS app are in the making.

Feature 02

Chose your position

Bitcoin going up? You want to open a buy position! Bitcoin going down? You want to open a sell position! Chose the CFD terms that suit you and open your position.

Feature 03

P2P contract setup

You set up the DLC with a maker peer to peer. No platform will ever know your keys, you sign all transactions locally on your machine. No account, just you and your keys.

Feature 04

Publish contract on chain

After successful setup the client publishes the DLC on the Bitcoin blockchain. There is no custodian - the Bitcoin are locked on chain until price publication by an Oracle.

Feature 05

Oracle price publication

Upon price publication by a 3rd party oracle you can settle the contract. Due to the oracle being a 3rd party service neither of the trading partners can cheat. If things go wrong, you can refund after a timelock expires.

Feature 06

Receive back BTC

With the price signed by the Oracle you can settle on chain to retrieve your profit - or simply roll over for another term to keep the contract going.

Roadmap & Protocol Details

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To take up a CFD position using Bitcoin:

  • Get ItchySats
  • Deposit funds
  • Engage in CFD contract
  • Wait for price to move
  • Profit